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The digital marketing glossary > Y > What is YouTube algorithm definition?

What is YouTube algorithm definition ?

YouTube algorithm is the algorithm used by the video platform to rank suggested videos in his recommended or related lists.

YouTube algorithm influences results for :

- keyword search on YouTube
- suggested videos on homepage
- related videos on a watch page
- suggested video on the player afyer at the end of a video

Many factors are taken into account by YouTube algorithm:

- title and description of the video
- tags associated with the video
- clicks and click rate on the video results
- views
- viewing trends
- ratings and comments
- uploading date (age of the video)
- viewing duration
- relative viewing duration (viewing duration compared with video length)
- overall viewing session (has the user seen other videos within a brand channel or playlist)
- social sharing (especially video embedding)

Since 2012, YouTube gives less weight to clicks and views and more weight to engagement (viewing duration, ratings, comments, overall viewing session). This trend aims at fighting misleading thumbnails and views buying.

Optimizing a video for search on YouTube is also a way to optimize its rank on universal Google SERPs and on Google video SERPs, but it is only a part of video SEO.

Published on Tuesday 13 November 2012 (Authors)